The Power of Giving (Magnificent Monday)

What a beautiful day to be alive!  It's Monday, everyone!

It has always felt ironic to me that we follow up the Thanksgiving holiday with Black Friday.  One minute we're thankful for what we have, the next minute we're rushing around to acquire more stuff that we don't need.

When Christmas season arrives, we're always reminded of the power found in giving rather than receiving.  Giving is a joy, and it opens the door for ministry.  Not only that, when we give, God provides us with more opportunity to give even more.

Recently, a man in Philadelphia was given his own barber shop.  Why?  Because someone wanted to bless him for the great work he was doing.  He was volunteering his time to give free haircuts to the homeless.

This is such a cool story, as well as inspiring!  My prayer is that we would all look to give back to God that which He has blessed us with!