About Jeff Tilden, author

I've only begun to actively pursue God's calling on my life to write. I dabbled with writing right after college, when I directed and created "The Whatever TV Show", a Christian public access television that aired in Middle Tennessee and parts of Southern Kentucky. It was aimed at ministering to young adults. I also authored the blog "Men Eat Burritos" from 2009-2017. It was aimed at encouraging Christian men to grow up and act like men that honor God.

  I've also continued small bits of writing through the production of my silly YouTube channel, which mainly consists of cheesy rap videos and a few devotional VLOGs.

  As of September 2023, I have completed three books, The Chaser, Happy Himself, and Coffee & Jesus Devotional.  They are all for sale on Amazon. I also have two other book projects that I am already working on. My goal is to use this blog as a platform for my books, but also to continue blogging as it relates to the books' content. As with everything I do, my book writing and blogging is aimed at pointing others to my Creator, Sustainer, and Savior. He fuels my passion!

What's my day job? Well.......

I am a full-time North American Board Missionary as a Chaplain in the United States Army. I also have prior pastoral experience in Southern Baptist Churches in Texas and Tennessee. I enjoy preaching and leading worship! I love getting opportunities to guest-preach and speak!

I have been married over 23 years to a beautiful woman of God named Stephanie. She is truly my better-half. We've been blessed with two wonderful children, Karis and Silas. In my downtime, I love to run and drink coffee! In fact, I chronicle my running adventures on THE RUNNING CHAP  

I love hiking with my family and traveling this beautiful earth that God has created! I would love to connect with you! I'd love to hear feedback about something on the blog or discuss anything that God may be putting on your heart! I would also love to collaborate. God has given believers different talents to use together for His Kingdom purposes. I'd love to work together on writing or video projects. Connect with me via any of these networks: