The Season of Advent (Magnificent Monday)

Hooray for Monday!  We're in the thick of Advent season, so if there's no other reason to smile, remember the exciting anticipation we have at the arrival of a much wanted guest.

Advent means "coming".  It is the idea of that joy we have when someone we love is on their way.  

When I was a child I remember counting down the days until Santa came, opening a door on my Advent calendar every single day.  My sister and I would fight over the chocolate, but the more important detail was that each day we opened a door, it was one step closer to his coming.  Those were exciting times!  There was a lot of joy and preparation in the countdown.

As a man, I obviously understand with greater significance the joy found in the coming of Christ.  One, we know He is coming one day--back to earth to rescue His church.  Secondly, we remember the truth that He has also already come.  He arrived as that little baby we picture in the manger.  He lived a perfect life.  He died for our sins.  And then He rose again, giving us hope in Him for salvation.

Like Thanksgiving, the season of Advent is really one we should be thrilled about every single day of the year.  It should fuel our joy as believers!