A Beautiful State (Magnificent Monday)

What a glorious Monday!  It is Thanksgiving week, and you know what that means?  Many folks will be traveling, taking off work, and heading HOME!  

It is interesting how many folks have a love-hate relationship with their home.  However, the older you get, the more I think you realize the value of having a wonderful place to always call your "home" or "dwelling place".

This weekend, God allowed me to explore some beautiful areas of my home state in Chattanooga.  The Rock City is gorgeous!  It reminded me of what an awesome creator we have, and gave me a joy in reminding me that God has blessed me with a wonderful place to call home.

More than that, I know that He is also preparing a place for us....a new home.  What I'm experiencing now is but a glimpse or shadow of what I will live in some day.  All the beauty and nature that I love will be magnified times a billion!  

Let that be our joy on this thankful week!  Look forward to going home this week, and going to your heavenly home when you leave this earth one day!