The Chaser

Release Date January 2018 (available in hardcover, softcover, and e-book)

The Chaser follows the narrative of Julius Talbot, a young college student with aspirations of becoming a film maker.  Julius feels like he has been haunted by bizarre nightmares his entire life.  As he gets older, his dreams begin to say something to him.  He begins to believe that his nightmares are actually showing him real life events.

As a committed Christian, Julius makes the connection of his dreams to spiritual warfare.  His journey takes some trying turns when he befriends Dexter McKay, an elite college quarterback.  Dexter is also haunted by something unseen.  Always feeling compelled to go out of his way to help others, Julius is plunged into some dark times after he meets Dexter.   

Themes of the Book:  Spiritual Warfare (Armor of God), Light vs. Darkness, Hope, and Grace.