The Not-So Grand Canyon

The picture above is a shot I took of the Grand Canyon just a few days ago.  It has been said a thousand times over, but cameras really cannot do the place justice.  It is absolutely spectacular!  This was my second time visiting the canyon.  As much as I loved it the first time, I feel like I didn't fully grasp the magnificence of God's awesome creative and artistic ability.

God is an artist, no doubt!  He is the creator, and it makes absolute sense to see this as a huge part of who He is.  He is creative in His nature, creative in a way that is beyond our scope of imagination and thought.  With that being said, it seems almost hysterical for us to criticize his work.  However, we do it all the time.

While at the Grand Canyon last week, I started trying to imagine what it must have been like to be one of the first people ever in human history to lay eyes on it.  We cannot really even fathom that.  Even if you haven't been to the Grand Canyon, you know of its existence.  You've at least seen pictures.  You have a pretty good idea that it is something amazing to behold.  Although again, it truly is more breathtaking in person.  Nonetheless, I do wonder what those first people must have thought when they initially discovered the Grand Canyon.  How could they not be blown away?

Interestingly, as I began reading into the history of the Grand Canyon and its first explorers, I was startled to read an account of an old U.S. Army Lieutenant, Joseph Ives.  He led one of the first American expeditions into the canyon.  He said about the canyon, that it was "altogether valueless."  In fact, he claimed that his expedition would be "the last party of whites to visit this profitless locality."

HA! I couldn't believe it!  Surely, this man did not look at the same thing I laid eyes on.  But, he did.  Truthfully, he was a product of his time period and mission.  However, I couldn't believe that one of the first recorded people to see the Grand Canyon, looked at it in such a light.  How could he be so wrong?  The geological richness of the canyon, the plant life, the Colorado river, and of course the huge tourism draw are many reasons why the Canyon is so revered.

But with that said, it is still a FREAKING AMAZING CREATION! 

I watched a video that highlighted how countless number of artists have been inspired by the Grand Canyon.  Artists that paint, ones that write, others that make music, others that build, ones that take pictures, and ones that film are all moved by it.

In a moment of transparency, I was inspired by God's creation, not only for the beauty that it is, but also for the very fact that even in all its glory, it has still been criticized and seen as worthless.
I believe my creative leanings come as a gift from my Heavenly Father.  I love film.  I love to write.  I love to make music and sing.  I love to take pictures.  However, I have consistently allowed my own insecurity to get the best of me when it comes to creating.  I worry about what people will think of my creations.

I'm not claiming that I have some untapped amazing skill.  However, I realize that I should not be afraid to simply share my God-inspired sense to create with the world as often as He sees fit.  If people don't like....its okay.  People weren't impressed with the Grand Canyon, one of God's most amazing physical creations.  People aren't impressed with some people.  And people, are definitely one of God's most amazing creations.  People take the planets, stars, oceans, and sky for granted.  Why?  Because not everyone is looking for the same value in a creation.  Many are only focused on what that creation can do for them.

Thus, I'm committing more of an effort to create...just like our great God!  I have mentioned it before, but I have been writing on a book for the last 14 years plus.  This year, my writing has taken off.  I am near completion of my first draft of the book.  It's about 400 pages long!!  Soon I will be sending it out to some very close friends and family, as a way to help me edit and also to receive feedback.  I know that getting this project out there sets me up for potential rejection when someone doesn't like it.  However, I can't concern myself with that.  As long as I am doing it to glorify God, further His Kingdom, and under His inspiration...I can't go wrong.

He's never gone wrong!  Just look to His creation.  If you can't find the beauty in it, maybe you're not looking hard enough.  Yes, sin entered the world and tainted many of these creations.  However, there is still no denying that the things God has created are impressive!  Just imagine what Heaven and a New Earth are going to look like!!  May His creation inspire you to create!  Most of all, look to the value of His creative plan for the salvation of mankind--through Jesus.  That's magnificent!