How Will You Use Freedom?

What the heck do we do with freedom? That's the big question.  I believe no matter what we do, we will be held accountable.  This goes for spiritual freedom and earthly freedom as a citizen of the United States.

I love the 4th of July. Fireworks, good food, family, and freedom!  It's a reminder of how we are blessed as Americans. And yes, I am very glad about the fact that I am an American.

So on this Independence Day you can be proud to be an American.  You can also choose Jesus-juke those who are proud (even though as a fellow-believer, it's grossly condescending and annoying. Please stop doing it.) You can comfortably chill with your family.  You can cook on the grill.  You can swim. You can shoot fireworks.

But your freedom is exercised day in and day out.  What will you really do with all that freedom?  As Christians especially....what are we doing with it?  God has blessed us to live in America. He offered us spiritual freedom through Christ, which nothing can top. However, he also allowed Americans over the last 241 years, to have freedom to worship Him without persecution.  He has allowed us to talk openly and freely about him, without being killed or thrown in prison.  He has given us astronomical amounts of money and resources to send missionaries, build worship centers, and stretch our reach for Him.  We are blessed.

But, that freedom isn't a right we deserve.  It's a right we are afforded, ultimately through grace.  So you can whine and worry about how our freedoms are slowly degrading and being taken away from us.  You can sit on a holier than thou throne and look down on the rest of society as rancid sinners.  Or, you can squeeze every last ounce of your freedom to love, share the gospel loud and proud, raise your families to love Him, and make a mark for generations to come for the Kingdom of God.  I wanna use my freedom to do that!