I'm Gonna Be a Dad....

I'm gonna be a dad.....

-That does insane things to make my kids laugh every day.

-that helps my kids embrace their youth by loving the stuff they love and being a big kid myself.

-that won't allow my kids to disrespect their momma or anybody's momma.

-that will lay down the law, but extend grace too.

-that will scare any boy trying to pursue my daughter.

-that will teach my son that it doesn't take sex, a car, money, or brawn to be a man, but a willingness to take on responsibility.

-that will show up to every recital, sporting event, or concert.

-that will teach my kids to love music.

-that will teach my kids to create and love imagination.

-that will teach my kids to love the world, it's people, and the many wonders God has created.

-that will travel with my kids and show them the world.

-that will let my daughter paint my toenails and let my son beat me at wrestling, until he's as strong as me and then it's on!

-that will teach my kids to be strong mentally and physically.

-that will encourage my kids to be physically fit and love the outdoors.

-that will always be willing to play catch with my son.

-that will initiate random dance parties in the living room.

-that will always be willing to listen to my kids stories.

-that will show my kids the value of quiet, fishing, early mornings, nature, and drinking coffee around a campfire.

-that will get in the pool and swim with my kids from time to time even though I have a phobia of pools because they are just large bowls of water holding hair, urine, and slobber mixed with chlorine.

-that will wait in line to watch every Star Wars, Marvel, or Disney creation with them.

-that will carry them the last mile when their feet are hurting on a hike.

-that will tell my daughter that I love her and she is beautiful every day to instill confidence in her and show her that she doesn't need the first guy who comes along but she can't patiently wait for one of the few real men that still exist to pursue her.

-that will tell my son how to lead his family as a man.

-that makes my kids root for the Redsox

-that encourages my kids to dominate and excel at everything, but not to beat them up when they don't.

-that will teach my kids to love family no matter how different we are and value family history, where we came from and who we are.

-that will pray with my kids every day.

-that will show my kids that I love their mother.

-that will show my kids that I love God and stay hungry for His word.

-that will show my kids the importance of serving rather than being served.

-that will teach my kids that self-entitlement is for losers but sacrificial Christ-like giving is where it's at.

Am I all these things yet? No.

I wish I could say that I am. However, this is what I aspire to be as a father.

I'm thankful for my father, who showed me and still shows me many of the same things I've included on this list.  I'm grateful for dads that do truly step up to the plate, because the world is sure full of many who don't even try.  

You may not be perfect, but if you're a father at least die trying.

Whether you had a good father or not, we have a Heavenly Father that will show you the way!  He can guide you to be a Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, or friend regardless of your context.

Happy Father's Day!

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