Let's Be Optimists Together

There's nothing I like more than to have somebody share their raincloud statements to wash out my bright sunny day........said no one, ever.

While there are many self-proclaimed, proud pessimists, I think most of us would agree that negativity leads us ill.  We're naturally attracted to the positive, cheerful, and happy person.  Some may not like to admit it, but that's because their pessimistic raincloud won't even allow them to step back and enjoy bliss every once in a while.

Christmas and Advent are meant to bring about so much happiness and warmth.  Even in the struggle of holiday bustle, shopping, out-decorating our neighbors, and preparing for visitors, most of us find ourselves wanting to be the Whos down in Who-ville versus the mean old Grinch.  But it doesn't always work out that way.  Circumstances happen.  Stress slams us against a break wall like a grenade blast.  And then, there's the culture in which we live......naturally negative.

The news is negative.  The world is always going down the tubes.

This season can seem draining because it is the ending of a year.  If this year was rough, then the natural inclination is to expect it to rain all of December.  No doubt, our world was hit with many tragic and difficult events in 2016.  However, I refuse to accept "every day's a headache" as an option for my tomorrow.

That's why I have an idea......let's be optimists together!

Instead of filling our minds with bad news, let's share good news.
Instead of imagining the worst case scenario, let's imagine the best case scenario.
Instead of expecting the world to crush our dreams, let's expect the world to enable our dreams.

I serve too big of a God to stay stuck in the muck.  Psalm 146:5 says, "Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God."

God definitely helps me operate in this mindset, because its a daily battle.  However, when I get up in the morning, breathe fresh cool air as I run and sit down with a cup of coffee and my bible, I can't help but think about how blessed I am and how I can choose how I feel about my day.

You can choose too.  Choose joy!

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