What I'm Choosing

"COVID-19 is a hoax!"

"They're taking away my freedoms!"

"The election was hijacked!"

"I refuse to wear a mask!"

"Donald Trump is no different than Hitler!"

"Cancel celebrity X because they propagate false information and a rightwing worldview!"

"If you don't agree with me, you're racist!"

"I boycott!"

"You won't catch me taking the vaccine!"

"Join me on Parler!"

"2020 sucks!"

"Silence is compliance!"

In some form or fashion, these blanket statements summarize much of what has been on the hearts and minds of our nation.  Left, Right, and all places in between, social media has been a cesspool for polarizing angst and promotion of fantastical thought.  There is very little room for true reality, only the reality that exists in the individual perspective.  

Social media is not the only form of communication.  However, it is a marquee for what's in our hearts and minds.  It's a soap box.  In many cases, it's a virtual megaphone to shout out the things in which we are the most passionate.

It's no secret, it is extremely ugly right now.  It has been for some time, but 2020 has brought out the worst in people. And, the ugliness that has been contributed by each one of us has ultimately melded together to promote anger, frustration, fear, abuse, massive dissension, hate, violence, and destruction.

We are destroying ourselves and no one person, organization, political party, or leader is to blame.  We are all to blame!  

The time for taking individual responsibility and personal inventory is long overdue.  The time for choosing something other than what is throwing more gasoline on the fire is now!

Personally, I'm choosing to look elsewhere.  Yes, Thanksgiving always reminds me of blessings and the important things in life.  I preach this every year!  However, it goes beyond simply counting my blessings, but choosing to live as though I am not entitled to anything in life, choosing to live as though I deserve much worse than what I've been given.  I recognize that everyone's circumstances are different. All I would say is that I believe our attitude, our mental health, and our perspective is aided greatly by how we choose to think.  

We obliterate our chances to be unified, happy, and content by choosing to think with fear, anger, and hopelessness.  

I'm choosing to walk away from that.

If you are one that makes any of the statements above or something similar, I'm choosing to ignore you.

I'm choosing to spend less time on social media and more time with people (yes, even if I need to wear a mask).

I'm choosing to sing, pray, laugh, love and serve.  

I'm choosing to fill my mind with things that matter.

You may say, "you're choosing to turn a blind eye to the problems of the world!"  Nope.  I'm aware of the problems.  COVID-19 came to my doorstep and infected my family.  I voted in the election.  I've seen and heard the social unrest on our streets.  Any 5-year-old with a set of eyes and ears can point what is going on.  I will not ignore my responsibility.  Like I said, I will choose to love and serve.  I will teach my children to love and serve.

It's almost ironic that 2020 has given us greater vision, but at the same time many have made the choice to still walk around with blinders.  

I will choose to not walk around with blinders, which means that I will deal with the things that need changing in me.  

I have preached having a Philippians 4:8 worldview so often in life, and I still believe this is key.  I am a follower of Christ.  Christ commands that I do not live my life in anxiousness.  Christ commands that my mind is focused on seeking His Kingdom above all else.  Jesus doesn't just tell us this generically.  This is a specific strategy!  He knows that when our minds are focused on Him, this is when we will be most satisfied, joyful, hope-filled, and locked in on loving and serving in His Name regardless of the circumstances around us!  Ultimately, our attitude, mental health, and our perspective is most greatly changed through the power of Christ in us.  

Yes, I appeal to fellow Christians to start acting as if you truly believe in this sovereign God that you claim to serve!  

Yes, I appeal to those that are not religious and claim no affiliation.  First, I encourage you to recognize your need for a Savior and turn to Jesus.  At the very least, I would ask for you to admit that there's something not right with this world and that its not just everyone else's problem--you're in need of change too.

I've never wanted so desperately to go back to people sharing pictures of their elf on the shelf, photos of their food or some weird social media challenge like planking and the mannequin challenge.  Remember planking?

Simply put, I would appeal to you to choose something different.  

You'll soon be thinking about New Year's resolutions.  Choose to be kind.  Choose to drop the conspiracy theories.  Choose to log off Facebook and plug into your family.  Choose to boycott less and pour that energy into the things you feel good about loving and supporting.  Choose to not engage in useless online debate.  Choose to not cancel someone because they hold to a different worldview.  Choose to be more concerned about your neighbor rather than wading in your own self-pity.  Choose to encourage and compliment.  Choose to not take your ball and go home.  Choose to not make assumptions.  Choose to listen. Choose to love.

Most importantly, choose Jesus. 

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