Present Fathers

Happy Monday, everyone!  This weekend I got to be a part of something that I have enjoyed for several years now....a Daddy-Daughter dance.  This year, my daughter and I participated in Clarksville's Hope Pregnancy Center, Father-Daughter Purity Ball. 

Like I said, we've done these type of events before and they're always a blast.  It is encouraging for both father and daughter to spend this sort of time together.  This weekend, I was particularly motivated as I looked around the room at all the dads and daughters.  After a special moment in the night, a song played and most of the dads and girls danced on the dancefloor.  I noticed that mostly all the girls held their dad tight, looked happy and safe, some even closing their eyes tight.  They were clearly overjoyed to have a special man in their life that loves and appreciates them.  My daughter was no different.  I can't explain it, but I always see an extra dose of confidence and reassurance that rises up in my daughter after those dances.  She is reminded that she is wanted, loved, beautiful, and in safe arms.

I was encouraged to see all the dads there, stepping up.  Now, I understand that a dance can't be the only time that a father steps up, but it is a great motivator.  It is also a glimmer of hope.....hope that our world can be filled with confident, young women that aren't reliant upon a boy's approval or the favorable opinions of others.  Ultimately, it is hope that our daughters will see the love of a father and understand the sufficient love and grace of our Heavenly Father. 

I'm thankful for this time spent with my daughter, especially in light of my upcoming deployment.  With that said, this will be my last "motivational Monday" post for a while.  I will be focusing more on posting ministry updates as I navigate the waters of preaching the gospel during a combat deployment.  I am also going to be launching a new "arm" of the blog called "Dorky Dads Unite".  It is going to be an opinion-based page filled with sports, entertainment, food, and travel reviews.  It'll also have my ramblings on theology and politics from time to time, but nothing overly controversial.  The goal is not to debate and spread cynicism.  It is to encourage and promote joyful living.  Hope it'll be a fun part of the blog!