Answered Prayers

Happy Monday, everyone!  It's going to be a fabulous week, full of joy and surprise, no doubt.

When tragedy strikes, people are often mocked for offering prayers.  Not to dwell on that subject, but prayer is the most powerful thing we can ever do.  Why?  Because prayer connects us to the only true power source, YAHWEH, The Lord God Almighty!

Just yesterday, my family sat around a morning campfire and shared prayer requests as we studied about God's promises.  Four prayer requests were shared, and within the day....all four prayers were answered!  Now, I won't share them all, because a few were very personal.  However, one of our prayers was that the Redsox game we had tickets to wouldn't be rained out.  It was our only opportunity to see the Redsox at Fenway, and personally, I was looking forward to treating my kids to their first Fenway experience.  Not only did our prayer get answered, but we got way more than we could have ever imagined.  

We were able to get on the field before the game, touch the Green Monster, meet players, and run the bases after the game concluded!  God blessed us way more than we deserve.

Now, God doesn't always answer our prayers that way.  Sometimes, He doesn't answer our prayers the way that we want them to be answered.  However, He gives us contentment as we pray, even if the result is contrary to what we think is best.  Through Jesus, we have a connection to the Almighty Father.  No matter what we face in life, good or bad, prayer gives us a peace that surpasses all understanding.  Try spending time in prayer this week, and it will be filled with joy and surprise, no doubt.