Adopted (A Magnificent Monday)

Happy Monday, everyone!  A beautiful video went viral a couple of weeks ago that showed a little girl's reaction to the news that she had been officially adopted by her foster parents.  It was definitely a beautiful site to behold in the midst of a flooding stream of dark clouds on social media.

I have enormous admiration for people that foster and adopt children.  Children are such a precious gifts of God, and to see their lives touched in meaningful and heartfelt ways is powerful.  

The video above tells a bit more of the story.  There's even a quote that I love in the interview, "there's joy that happens every day".  Absolutely!  God offers great joy.   Often times, we get so buried in the muck that we miss it.  

Please don't miss the beauty of this adoption story and others like it.  Adoption is a great picture of the gospel.  Through Christ, God has adopted us as His children into the Kingdom!  There's great joy in that, like the joy expressed by this little girl.

I'm currently working on my second novel.  It is called Happy Himself.  It is going to be quite different than my first.  Its geared more as a kid's story, set nostalgically in the early 90s, and it includes lots of humor.  However, the story follows a couple of children that are adopted.  The intention is to use that aspect of the story to clearly communicate the gospel.  I'm excited about it!

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