It's a Magnificent Monday (The Best Kept Secret in Disaster Relief)

Happy Monday!  Hope your week has begun in a fabulous way! 

It is a privilege to serve the Lord as a missionary with the North American Mission Board.  I consistently see Southern Baptists doing great things in the name of Christ, so many things that it's hard to keep up!

With all the recent hurricanes, it is easy to sit back from a distance and hope that our friends and family in Texas and Florida are doing okay.  We can pray and should!  We can give and should.  However, there are many who wish to, but don't get the opportunity to travel down and get their hands dirty with relief efforts.

That is why I am grateful for the relief efforts of Southern Baptists being mobilized with NAMB!  This is a good news story, so much so that it is actually being recognized by national media outlets.  Southern Baptists have been one of the key organizations helping to aid those in Texas and Florida.  Not that disaster relief is a competition, but it is exciting to know that our program is many times contributing more than FEMA or the Red Cross!