Are You a Chaser?

What lengths would you go to, to help someone in need? 

As Christians, I'd like to think that we all possess this God-instilled quality that drives us to help others.  Like in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-27), Christians should stand ready to love their neighbor and "do likewise" as Christ instructed. 

When I mention the idea of being a "chaser", I tend to think of something more intense.  I believe there are some people that God specifically uses to run towards the fire.  In my upcoming novel, the protagonist is a chaser.  Thus, the title.  The protagonist is Julius Talbot.  Notice that his initials are "JT", just like mine :)

Truthfully, I've packed my entire book with little Easter eggs like that.  Just know, that the majority of names that I use are very intentional.  Names have meaning!!

Anyways, while Julius thinks a lot like me and exhibits some of the same qualities, he is still his own person.  He's a fictional character with a fictional story....its not my personal story or anything.  I just created it.  The novel revolves around Julius' God-given calling of being compelled to help the "unhelpable".  At the same time, Julius realizes that he is also in need of deep help!

In my profession, I end up doing a lot of chasing.  If I am being honest, I love that aspect of my calling.  No, I don't like seeing people hurt.......I love seeing people saved (physically and especially SPIRITUALLY!!)

As I continue to work through the publishing process, I sit excited for people to read The Chaser.  One, I know many of you can relate to being in a caregiving role.  Two, I believe the book serves as a strong reminder to practice self-care, so that we can be at our best to serve others.  Finally, it is a story of love from beginning until the end.  God is love, and it is a joy to be able to experience and express that love as one of His!

With all of that said, I'd like to share some "chaser" stories.  Specifically, I'd like to share your "chaser" story.

Do you have a story in which you helped someone in need and watched God work in their life?
Do you have a testimony of someone "chasing" you and God using them to rescue you?
What is your chaser story?

I'd love for you to send me your story to and allow me to feature it on this blog.  This isn't an effort to brag about our "good works".  This is an effort to acknowledge the amazing work of our great God!  It's a way of enjoying God-stories, leading up to the release of The Chaser, which I am happy to say is a God-story!  

I will soon share a "chaser" story of my own!  Please consider sending me one of yours to share too!