Life is Worth a Couple of Burpees

 This August I am once again doing the 2000 Burpees Challenge Sponsored by USAA.

The challenge is to do 2000 burpees in the month of August to raise awareness and funds for our nation's veterans who are at high risk for suicide.

This cause is near and dear to my heart, as I work daily with our nation's veterans. I am one of our nation's veterans. I've known some colleagues that have taken their own life. Life is too valuable, and I want to be one that helps guard and protect life. Doing 65 burpees a day (31 days in August x 65 burpees will get me to the 2000 threshold) is the least I can do to help guard and protect life.

I am also helping raise funds for this cause. The funds go to raise awareness and beef up resources that can help aid Soldiers in dealing with mental health related issues and suicide prevention and intervention.

I'm glad to have many friends and family joining the cause this year. My son is even doing the 2000 burpees in August.

As a Christ-follower, I believe life is sacred. Its God's creation. We should cherish, protect, and nurture life. Please consider donating, or perhaps doing some burpees, but more than anything, go love on your neighbors and veterans!

Click here if you'd like more info on donating.

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