This Isn't New


I respectfully must assume that if the current state (as of 4 NOV 20, 7 am) of the presidential election is a surprise to you, you're severely out of touch with reality in this country.  I don't aim that at a specific group or side.  Although, I think it obvious that those who live with a camera in their face are among the most glaring example of being out of touch.  

I don't watch news (except last night...ha).  I read.  Armed with a little knowledge and some common sense, I saw this coming miles away.  Taking off the blinders of bias in the media and political affiliation it is easy to see where this country stands, even if you're firmly planted on a particular side.

We're divided.  Okay, so that's not a surprise, right?  We've seen the division manifest itself in some ugly ways these last four years, especially this year.  So why the surprised act that this election is not a landslide, either way?  Oh, because polling told us that it would be?  This is not an endorsement, but I heard a quote from Mike Huckabee that I thought hit the nail on the head.  "Polling is about as worthless as a milk bucket underneath a bull."

Division in the country isn't new.  Look at our history.  Just go back to the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.  Bush narrowly won by achieving victory in Florida, the final swing state, by a margin of 537 votes.  The results went through the Supreme Court before it was decided.  

Now, this not being new doesn't minimize the real problems in our country.  I only point this out, because I believe that until we all really get a grasp on the reality of the situation, we will easily stay divided, angry, bitter, and hateful.

I am a follower of Christ.  With that said, I will make an appeal to both non-Christians and Christians alike.  Panic doesn't help.  Ignorance of the needs, wants, and convictions of those you don't agree with doesn't help.  Refusing to work together, because your candidate didn't win doesn't help.  It took planes crashing into buildings and killing our brethren to bring this country back to some semblance of unity in 2001.  I pray another 9/11 is not on the horizon.

But, I'm not panicked.  One, because this isn't new.  However for the most part because of my faith.  God isn't new.  He's the same.  He's still in control.  His plan is not being thwarted.  This is my specific appeal to followers of Christ.  Regardless of the results, let's commit to seek Christ above all.  With serious introspection, seek how you can genuinely love your neighbor.  Plant your confidence firmly in Jesus Christ.  Don't entertain the fruit of the enemy, even if you see it displayed in your political party of choice.  Pride comes before a fall.  Humbly seek His wisdom and direction.  Bring glory to His name!  Our nation will never unify if those who follow the Lord will not unite.  Commit to pray for our nation's leader, regardless of who holds the position.

I want my children to know the Lord and worship Him.  And yes, I want the people in our nation to prosper and enjoy freedom.  Regardless of where you stand politically or spiritually, I encourage you to be faithful to developing understanding of others.  Yes, it is a biblical principle to count others as more important than yourself in humility.  I implore all to consider it!

We'd all do well to turn off the election coverage and attentively tune in to our neighbors today.  That will bring the better change in this country.

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