I Love You!

I'm continuing to pray, listen, and learn.  This week has reminded me that speaking up can come at a cost, but there are some important issues to boldly speak on in this world that are worth that cost.  Sanctity of human life, racial equality, justice and the gospel are absolute examples.

I wish we could focus on the beauty in this world.  I love this story of San Antonio Spurs player, Lonnie Walker, cleaning his community, loving his neighbor, and making an impact.

I love you.  I encourage you to limit your time on social media as much as possible.  I am so thankful that many people in our nation are passionate and care about police brutality and racial injustice.  However, the more we type it out and try to fit into the mold of a certain worldview that we believe is correct, the more miscommunication and division occurs.  Plus, we accomplish nothing.

I say it again....listen.


Start in your home.  Pray together.  Talk together.

Love and serve your neighbors.  Talk and pray with them.

Then, go out into your community and spread Christ's love through service, conversation and change.

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