More Rising Hope: Another COVID-19 Journal Entry

I shared some of this through the devotion on my Facebook Author page this morning, but I wanted to unpack my thoughts a little bit more.  I am thankful for God's promises.  Of the things that I know about God, His love, His grace, His salvation through Jesus, His sovereignty, His creative skill, and His promises are among my favorite characteristics.

God's promise of salvation through Jesus gives me joy in the darkest situations in life.  God's promise to Noah, through a rainbow, to never flood the entire earth again, reminds me that God is in complete control.  It doesn't matter what the situation looks like, God is in charge, and He is the one we need to look to.

“I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭9:13‬ ‭ 

Yesterday, it poured down rain in New York all day long.  Around 7 pm, the rains had ceased and the sun finally poked out. Standing proud over the West Point sky was a beautiful rainbow. I snapped a picture of it outside my house. About 45 minutes south of us, someone took a magnificent picture of a rainbow covering the skies of New York City. 

I am not a sensationalist, but I truly believe God is speaking to us.  The rainbow over the city at 7 pm is not coincidence.  Its orchestrated.  God wants His name to be known.  God wants to remind the world to turn to Him.  

 The rainbow almost appeared to be coming out of the Empire State Building and touching down on the Freedom Tower. God made the rainbow a sign for all future generations. When we see a rainbow now, it is a reminder of our covenant-keeping God and His amazing handiwork. We know from scripture that it is a promise to never flood the entire earth again. However, I think it was appropriate for God to send a rainbow over NYC in the midst of a global pandemic of which the city is the world’s epicenter. 

I’m not going to pretend that I know exactly why God sent the rainbow. But, I do know it reminds me that He keeps His promises. It’s a reminder of hope. No matter how bad life gets, He is in control. Easter reminded us of the glorious resurrection and the hope that is found in Jesus, His Son. God wants the world to know the true source of hope.

 I think God sent a rainbow to remind the world of the source of hope once again.  Did you know that 7 pm is also the time that New Yorkers stand outside and cheer for healthcare workers in unison?  Now, I am thankful for our hard-working health care professionals.  They have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight.  I think God's creative reminder being in sync with the cheering for health care workers is a way of Him saying that ultimate hope is found in Him.  It is God who uses those health care workers to bring about healing and physical well-being.  It is God who gives and takes away.

Christians, I hope that we haven't lost sight of what God is doing.  Its easy to get wrapped up in silliness.  Don't look at the shutting down of church buildings during this quarantine as a loss of opportunity or religious persecution.  You're letting the enemy deceive you if you're getting wrapped up in that ridiculous fight.  Everything is shut down.  I would argue that churches (the body, not the building) are reaching more lost souls by broadcasting worship services all over social media airwaves than they ever were before.  I am glad that God forced us outside of the "church bubble".  He is calling people back to Him.  He is making Himself known.  He is giving His followers a greater opportunity to tell more people now more than ever that WE ALL NEED JESUS!

Praise the Lord!  I can't wait to see what He does next.