We Need God and Guaranteed Freedom

In the picture are the remains of a telecommunications antenna that stood atop the North Tower before its collapse on September 11, 2001.  When it fell, our nation fell.  Our hearts sank and grieved.  However, while we were down we prayed.  Our hearts became united.  Things like culture, political affiliation, and economic status didn’t stand in the way of us all linking arms and seeking God’s care.

18 years later, we are far from that humbling attitude and united front.  We would rather debate and protest than actually take personal responsibility and action to make our world a better place.  We’ve let a president polarize us.  Newsflash!—-> We control our response, he does not. 

We’ve accused others of hate while doing the exact same thing.  Most importantly, we’ve gotten off our knees.  At some point, after the shock wore off, we’ve said “It’s okay God, we’ve got it from here.”

Take a look around this nation.  Watch the news for five seconds.  It is clear that we do not got this.  This nation needs intervention.  We need God.