The Next Chapter!

God has yet again chosen to move my family as a strategic chess piece in His masterplan of Kingdom building.  I have marveled at the prospects for ministry God has given me recently.  I've been able to use writing as a new opportunity for ministry-publishing a new book, authoring a blog and sharing daily devotions.  

The opportunities that exist in the Army to serve God have been numerous.  He has given me a greater passion for worship leading, and I currently sit in Afghanistan as a pastor and worship leader, teaching Soldiers His Word multiple times a week and leading them in praise and worship.

Now, God is giving me a unique opportunity to serve.  The Army is moving the Tilden family to Westpoint, New York in the Spring of 2019.  I will be a chaplain to Westpoint cadets, understandably a challenge unlike any I have yet to face in ministry.  However, it is one that I accept with great excitement.

  God is combining my love for students and experience in ministering to them with my knowledge and joy of Army chaplaincy.  My entire family is thrilled to take on this new adventure and ministry.  Sure, it will be difficult moving away from Clarksville and our friends and family once again.  But, it has become a theme in our life of ministry.  God calls us away and He gives us a season of serving and refreshing back in our hometown.

Please continue to pray for our family, as we continue to serve God and venture out as missionaries-constantly being called to situations that aren't exactly comfortable, but that are rich and rewarding.