People Needing the Gospel

Flying through the wondrous mountains in the Afghanistan wilderness, I could feel the strong wind pushing the CH-47 (chinook helicopter) back and forth. The CH-47 is a massive, powerful machine, but the wind reminded me that God is still bigger. After all, I was looking at God's creation. His creation, even in a war-torn country, is magnificent. Trying to seek out His purposes for my being halfway across the world, I understand it to be charged by the Great Commission. Go into all the world and preach the gospel. I have the opportunity to bring the gospel, not only to U.S. Soldiers but to civilians from all over the world!

I'm honored to do His work, but at the same time, I am homesick. I miss my family. As I stare out of a window of the helicopter, I not only see mountains, but I see greenery. I see homes and villages. I see roads and vehicles traveling down the roads. I can't even fathom the type of life most of the people on the ground live. Under fear and oppression of terrorist groups like the Taliban and ISIS, their daily lives are probably extremely unpredictable. My heart began to break more and more as I watched the shadow of the chinook pass over the villages. Not only are these people oppressed and living with much less than I live with, but the vast majority of them worship a false god, a god that does not offer any real hope. They need Jesus, and so I begin to pray for each house I see as we fly over them. For almost an hour in the air, I pray. I pray that somehow, the gospel would reach the ears and hearts of these people.

I know the Afghan people aren't the only ones who rarely get the gospel truth. There are people all over the world that don't get to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Join me in praying for these people. And thank God for the freedom we have as a country and for the freedom we have in Jesus Christ!!