Best Burgers You Can Buy!

With IHOP changing their name recently to IHOB, moving from a focus on pancakes to burgers in an already flooded burger market in the USA, it got me thinking. 

 What burger chain sells the best burger?

I mean, I love a good burger, so there's not many that I don't like, but who rises to the top as the "best of the best".  Here are my personal Top 10 burger joints in the good ole US of A.  It should be noted that I'm going with burger chains, not local faves or mom and pop joints.  I also didn't include Krystal's or White Castle.  Although delicious, they're in a category of their own.

10. Burger King: I know, seems boring, but of the traditional fast food burger joints, this one is the best in my opinion.

9. Whataburger: Even though I think this place can be a tad overrated (sorry Texas friends), it still produces a tasty burger.

8. Culvers: Just got turned onto this place recently.  The more I eat here, the better it gets!

7. Fudruckers:  An old classic!

6. In & Out:  Great burger and simple menu.  I love simple menus!  I cannot emphasize this enough!!

5. Smashburger:  If you find one of these....go!  It tastes as wonderful as the name!

4. Mooyah:  These chains are on the rise and remind me a lot of Five Guys!  Dang good!

3.  Red Robin:  Some amazing options and bottomless steak fries....quality combination. Yum.

2. Five Guys:  Might be my favorite place to go eat a burger, because I love the fries and peanuts!

1. Cookout: May not have a great place to sit and eat, but the burgers are flipping awesome!!!