I Got to Baptize My Son

Happy Monday, everyone!  Seeing a child make wise decisions and good choices brings a parent great joy.  None of those decisions are greater than seeing your child walk toward Jesus and want to begin life in step with the Holy Spirit.

Silas began to ask incredible questions at the age of three.  He wanted to know what it meant to follow Jesus.  At the age of six, it all clicked.  He was ready to choose Christ and live for Him.  We prayed as a family one night, as Silas vocalized his faith and asked Jesus to come into his life.

GOD HAS BLESSED US!!!  When Karis trusted Christ, we were stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  Just two hours away was the very first church I served in, Oak Crest Baptist Church in Midlothian, Texas. It was the church Karis was born into and dedicated in.  Thankfully, we were able to do Karis' baptism there, making it extra special.

For Silas, we just happened to be stationed at Fort Campbell, in the backyard of our home and our original sending church, Hilldale Baptist.  Silas was able to get baptized at Hilldale, the same church Stephanie and I met in and where we first answered the call into ministry.

Not sure why God has given us such a blessing of seeing our kids baptized in two special places, but we are extremely thankful.  Most importantly, we are thankful for their salvation and the fact that they are disciples ready to make disciples!