The Chaser Bible Study and Devotion (Magnificent Monday)

Happy President's Day!!!  Hope you're in for a swell Monday!

I'm excited to announce that I will be releasing a FREE RESOURCE very soon!  It is a bible study and devotion companion for The Chaser.  The devotion will be short and simple.  It will be a 5-day devotion that I will use as the Coffee & Jesus Devotional for one week.  I will also be working to submit the devotion on YouVersion.  If this happens, it will be a great way to connect people with God's word and draw some more interest to the book.

I will have a more thorough Bible Study portion on this blog.  The 5-part bible study will be parallel to the daily devotions.  However, I plan on them being much more extensive and full.  

WARNING!!!  The bible study and devotions will contain some light spoilers.  So, if you haven't read the book---now is a good time to finish!!

I'm excited to dig deep in the scripture that influenced the book, and look at the spiritual aspects and meanings in the story.  I love the message that oozes from this story, and I'm excited about this being another way for the hope of Christ to resonate.