Donating $10 Million (Magnificent Monday)

Happy Monday!  Why is this is a good day?

Well, there's always good in the world, even when we have a hard time seeing it.

There was a recent story over the Christmas holiday that was incredible.  It happened at such a busy time that if you blinked, you may have missed it.  We all know professional athletes in America can make a TON of money!  With that money they can buy some pretty incredible things (massive houses, expensive cars, luxurious vacations, etc..)

However, how often do we hear of an athlete donating one of those massive houses for the good of others?  That's exactly what Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels did.  He donated his $10 million home to a Christian ministry in Missouri.  

The ministry, Camp Barnabas, is a non-profit Christian summer camp that is “dedicated to providing life-changing experiences to individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses as well as their siblings” as well as “provides ministry and social experiences that increase spiritual knowledge, social learning, and human dignity” and “changes perspectives and redefines disability.”


If anything, may the Hamels' donation encourage us to give cheerfully, even if our budget isn't $10 million!