Dear Bully

Dear Bully, I pray for you.  Why?  Because you're searching and searching and searching, and you continually come up with emptiness.  Whether it be low self-esteem, pride, or a sense of entitlement, your pursuit will never end in you reaching the pinnacle.  You'll only reach what is called a "false summit".  It appears to be the desired destination.  Only, when you get there, you realize there are more heights.  You need to climb more.  You're leading yourself to the same fate as Sisyphus.  If you don't know who he is, just look him up. 

That's a miserable existence.  Sure, it might seem like fun at times, but ultimately there's nothing substantial holding your life together.  This is why I pray for you.  I want you to know the power of love.  I want you to know the power of serving others.  I want you to know the changing power of a relationship with Jesus.

I was saddened as I watched the video of a crying Keaton Jones this week, as were many around our nation.  One, it touched me as a fellow Tennessean.  However, I, like many, know what it feels like to be bullied.  It hurts.  It is not fun being the butt of a joke.  It's painful to be cast out.  Words hurt.  Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, "many wearing rapiers are afraid of goosequills."  In other words, the pen is mightier than the sword.  Words can cause brutal abuse.  The book of James says in chapter 3, that the tongue is "a restless evil, full of deadly poison." 

However, as I reflect on the idea of bullying, I can't help but wonder if I only look at it through one perspective......that of being the victim.  Yes, I'm writing to bullies around the world, perhaps a few will read this.  But, I wonder how many people that I label as a bully would identify themselves as one who is bullied themselves?

You see, I believe that you are a bully as a product of hurt.  That hurt has likely come from being bullied in some form or fashion in your past.  Sure, the bullying can come in many different forms....verbal abuse, physical abuse, or never living up to the expectations of those you look up to.  With that said, that's no good excuse.  You don't have to be a product of others.  You can rise above.  Yes, it can be difficult.  However, that's why I'm so thankful for Christ.  He has helped me rise above, and He can help you too.

Bullies come in all form and fashion.  Bullies are middle school kids that tease and harass.  Bullies are grown adults that cut down their children.  Bullies are internet trolls that write derogatory words and hate.  Bullies can be those who step on others to get ahead.  Honestly, bullies can be you and a bully can be me.

When we act out of selfishness, assume that others are wrong and we are right out of pride and arrogance, cry out every time we feel like what we are entitled to doesn't come to fruition, and just generally act unloving to those around us.....we're no different than a bully.

Anyone can be bullied, and anyone can become the bully.

So when I write to all the bullies out there, I'm also writing to myself.  I am reminding myself to love like Christ, to mind my words, and to serve rather than be served.

Hear my plea bullies of the don't have to live like this.  There is a better way.  Why not choose to recalculate and journey down a different direction?

Love in Christ,