A Fresh Start in 2018 (Marvelous Monday Time!)

Happy 2018!  And Happy Monday!!  This year will be filled with all kinds of joyful Mondays, so just get ready!  A new year is technically just another day on the calendar, but the thought of turning over a fresh set of days and months always provides us with a sense of renewal.

Resolutions are great, but they're more powerful with a focus on renewing yourself spiritually.  Don't leave God out of the resolutions.  I made a resolution last year to finish writing my book after 13 years of piddling with it.  For the first time in those 13 years,  I can honestly say that I focused my prayers more on what God wanted to do with my writing, rather than what I wanted to do with it.

When goals are centered on God and moving with His purposes, they become much more manageable.  So, Happy New Year!  Enjoy 2018.  I pray you get the much needed fresh start, and that God accomplishes amazing things through you.