NFLer REBORN in Jesus' Name (Magnificent Monday)

It's another beautiful Monday!  And on this Monday, I am thankful to read stories about lives being changed by the power of Jesus Christ.  I would love to see more coverage of great testimonies like the one of Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver, Marcus Johnson, who was baptized in a hotel pool in North Carolina this week.  The Eagles were on the road, taking on the Carolina Panthers.  Players gathered around to pray and witness the event.  Johnson uploaded the picture to Instagram and captioned it with "Cleansed and Reborn in Jesus Name".  Eagles' quarterback, Carson Wentz, was among the players gathered around, praying at the pool.  

Spiritual fervor is nothing new to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Reports surfaced last year that this team has connected spiritually, and found a commonality through their faith.  Praise Jesus!