When Rain Makes You Sick

Several years ago we lived in home that had a leaky basement.  The leaks were so bad that a few times we had standing water in our basement.  It was frustrating because we had a nice, finished basement.  When heavy rain came, I remember feeling sick, just knowing that water was going to fill our basement, destroy the carpet, and cause us headache and more financial burden.  I would literally feel so powerless and frustrated just listening to the rain pour down.  I would pray, begging God to stop the rain.

I know this feeling has to be 1000 times greater with many of those along the Texas coast and in the Houston area.  As rain continues to pour in an area already devastated by a storm, many are probably just sick, wondering when it is all going to end.  Not only that, many feel helpless and their lives are in danger, trying to escape the horrors of the disaster.

Sometimes its hard to know what to do, especially from a long distance.  However, no matter where you are....you can help in great ways.

Two of the simplest things we can do to help are also extremely effective. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! There is great power in prayer! Also, GIVE. It's never been easier to donate in support of relief efforts. Below is a link to an effective way to give.

 Obviously, these efforts don't excuse us from answering the call and GOING. I know many of my Texas friends are answering that call now and going to help those in their own backyard. But it is also inspiring to see those from all over the nation answering that call.