The New Direction

Once upon a time, there was this blog called "Men Eat Burritos".  Well, it has gone through a radical renovation!  The new name is

I am not using my name to simply highlight myself.  It is ultimately a long-time, prayed-over strategy of using "writing" as a means to glorify God!  I will be using the blog to showcase writing projects.  The goal is to have an easy avenue in which people can get their hands on the books and read them.  Obviously, the plan is to have books published in hard copy and digital format, available at as many retailers as possible.  However, since I have a writing forum already established, it made sense to use it as a platform to continue blogging but also display my book projects.

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I will add more old MEB posts over the next few weeks, so keep checking.

Also, this is still a work in progress, so please send me some feedback and let me know what you think!