Why I Deleted My Abortion Post

Abortion digusts me.  Politically, I feel its one of the primary issues.  If a leader doesn't value life the way God values life, then I don't want to vote them in to make decisions on everything concerning our livelihoods.
Earlier this week, in response to the blast of social media posts on the Planned Parenthood video, I decided to post out of frustration.  First of all, never post anything out of frustration on Facebook.  I said in my post something like this, "Not meaning to sound callous, but selling or throwing away isn't the issue.  Murdering the unborn is the biggest tragedy.  What are we really disgusted by?"
I posted this because it honestly bothered me that it took a hidden video disclosing that Planned Parenthood sold the aborted baby tissue to get people fired up about abortion again.  It bothered me because people seemed more fired up about Parenthood's Dr. Nucatola drinking wine and talky matter-of-factly about the company's tissue donation program.  A simple fact has not changed.....abortions are happening and have been happening this entire time!
I deleted the post because I didn't want to insinuate that all my fellow brother's and sister's posts were motivated by the wrong things.  I deleted it because I didn't want to communicate the wrong picture.  Abortion bothers me.  The fact that Planned Parenthood sells the tissue bothers me.  It bothers me to think of a baby being discarded in any fashion, whether it being thrown away or sold on a black market.
A road that I desperately want to avoid and want fellow Christ-followers to avoid is lashing out in hatred.  Honestly, I have to pray deeply that God would give me love and deep burden for those who choose to practice abortion and kill babies.   
I will always stand up boldly for life.  However, I've decided my primary response will be to respond in a way that celebrates the life that God gives.  I love being a parent.  Children are a beautiful gift of grace from God!  There are moments each day that remind me how awesome it is to be a parent.  There are moments that remind me how precious of a gift they are.  Instead of posting out of frustration about how others view life, I am going to post out of celebration of my own parenthood.  When you see a #parenthood post on my page, its a celebration of God's gift of life.  This is not me trying to be extra holy or better than everyone else who shares their opinions on the abortion issue.  You already know mine.  It disgusts me.  I believe it is wrong.  I believe it is murder.  I will do what I can to encourage others to see the way I believe God wants us to see.  And you better believe I'm going to do that by showing others how awesome life is!
God values life.  We should value life.