Is God Micro Managing Our Lives?

My short answer? No.

I got into a conversation with a Deist the other day, who assumed that we Christians thought of God as a micro manager. Deism is the belief that there is a supreme being, but that the being has not revealed itself to mankind. They believe it is only through rational thinking that they can come to the conclusion that there is a creator and supreme being. They believe the supreme being has created earth and our universe, and that it is off creating other universes and galaxies. The supreme being has nothing to do with us now, here on earth. Deists are very scientifically minded and reject many of the key tenets of the Christian faith, such as the virgin birth, resurrection, and any of Jesus' miracles for that matter.

To chase a rabbit for a minute, let it be known that as lovingly as I could, I told the deist that I believe science was just as much based on faith as Christianity, being that science is based on probability. He was a very intelligent man, but I believe that I left him with some things to think about. His debate was very unconvincing.

Anyways, I do find the whole debate over whether or not God is a micro manager interesting. I know that many claim Calvinists are proponents of God as a micro manager, just simply through their strong beliefs on the sovereignty of God. I don't believe that to be the case. I will say as an individual who is fairly like-minded with many reformed thinkers (I'm on board with 4 of the 5 points), that God is not a micro manager. Now, this doesn't mean that I am claiming God isn't in complete control. God is in complete control. He is sovereign. He is all-powerful. He is all-knowing.

I believe that labeling God as a micro manager is a serious limitation of God's character and power. First of all, God gave man the role as manager (Genesis 1:26). God's plan includes mankind taking care of His creation. Just like with any job that has a job description, God is very clear with His expectations for man. Ecclesiastes 12:13 says, "Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man". We are to follow Him and bring Him glory.

So after a short and simple look, we've determined that God has given man the stewardship of His creation, and that God expects man to listen to Him. However, in this expectation God has lovingly given man the ability to choose and make decisions. How that ability to choose works with God's election blows my simple human mind. But I do know that if God were to make us into mindless robots for Him to simply windup and control, there would have never been sin, and there would definitely be no reason for His redemption plan through Jesus Christ.

God loves His creation so much that He gave us choice knowing that choice would lead to rebellion. His first priority is the glorification of His name, and because it is impossible to rebel against God and glorify Him, God lovingly sent His Son Jesus to redeem us. Yes, God knowingly forms man in the womb with the knowledge of what that person will choose and uses those choices to bring glory to His Kingdom. Yes, God has sent His Spirit to convict, guide, and direct our lives as Christians. So you may be thinking, "that sounds like micro managing to me".

Here's what I believe to be the difference: A micro manager will tell you how to do things the way he/she wants them done, expect you to do them, and will bring about consequences if expectation are not met. There's not much freedom for your own creative thinking. God makes His expectations clear, wants things done His way, and will bring about consequences for those who ultimately reject His way. However, He has also given us a freedom through Jesus Christ to not be bound to a micro managed way of living, but to instead desire a way of living that honors and glorifies Him.

Those are my thoughts on that subject. I would love to hear yours.